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Icons, new version & +100 members & watchers xDDD

I'm back again XDDDD finally i'm update this again, sorry~ Btw... thank you for more than 100 members & watchers : ) that's makes me feel happy~ jojojo thank you again (that's the reason for the new version of the community)! The next entry will be only for request, i promise =)

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[8] Chiaki Kuriyama 
[8] Björk 
[4] Kaya
[8] Merry
[7] Danger☆Gang
[6] Inugami Circus-dan
[10] LSD
[37] Gazette
[10] Lolita23q 
[18] Antique Cafe - PV "Cherry Saku Yuuki!"
[10] Shinkou Shuukyou Nakudan NoGoD

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[8] Gazette
[3] Danger☆Gang
[1] Lolita23q
[2] Björk

[1] Ayabie
[1] Shinkou Shuukyou Nakudan NoGoD

[1] Gazette


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Oh plz, don't forget the suggestions ^^ 

All comments will be screened or something like that because i hate the fucking users who answer the comments (they are for me!) & if you will ask for the original pic... first read the rule #8. Thanks!


Finally i'm update this, sorry by the lately but i'm not inspired these days & the week was terrible for me... so... i don't know what do you think about the graphs of this time... but don't worry, i'll update again soon!

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[8] Antique Cafe
[3] Shiina Ringo
[2] Yasu
[2] Jun (attic)
[14] Attic - PV "Dramatic"
[22] Gazette

Shiina Ringo
Hiko (danger☆gang)


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My other first entry

Oh God Hitler~! finally i do my first entry here! i hope 'u like my work as only admi & graphic maker, oke? the comments are very aprecciated & important for me :D & remember:

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[6] Tora (Alice Nine)
[4] D
[4] Danger☆Gang
[6] Ayabie
[9] Gazette
[5] The Pumpkin Head
[1] Shinkou Shuukyou Nakudan NoGoD
[1] Lolita23q
[3] Rentrer en Soi - PV "Amongst Foolish Enemies"

[1] Panic Channel

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[1] Danger☆Gang

[1] Kai
[1] Uruha
[1] Ruki
[1] Aoi
[1] Reita



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