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{ S O F T L Y B A S T A R D }

graphic community

. S o f t l y B a s t a r d .
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Icons, mood themes, wallpapers, banners, colorbars & more
W E L C O M E !
Hi there dear users! :] welcome to the community owned and operated by me [@PARANOHABLAR]. Here i offered icons, moodthemes, wallpapers & i hope soon music downloads ^_^. About the fandom that i usually work... well... if you have suggestions don't be shy & leave a comment or send me a message, i don't have any problem with that ^_~ I really like try with different kind of interests. I really hope that you're glad to see all that i have around here & enjoy your stay but i think that is neccesary that read the rules first if you take something.

R U L E S !
001. Give the credit to the community [SOFTLY_BASTARD].
002. The comments are appreciated. I'm happy reading them.
003. Don't claim any of my graphics as your own, oke?.
004. Don't steal.
005. Don't hotlink.
006. Textless icons aren't bases!
007. ENJOY :3

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